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Durante’s Pasta was founded in West Haven, Connecticut by Amedeo and Carmelina Durante in 1985. Amedeo and Carmelina were both born and raised in Ruviano, a small town just outside of Caserta, Italy. It was when Amedeo immigrated to the U.S. in 1967 that he began working in Italian import stores with the hopes of one day opening his own business, and in 1977 Amedeo did just that. Durante’s Market was opened on Elizabeth Street in Derby, Connecticut. Carmelina immigrated to the U.S. the following year and joined Amedeo in the business. Durante’s Market was not only an Italian importing store, but it was also a gourmet market, coffee shop, and unbeknownst to the Durante’s, the beginning of their next business venture, a pasta manufacturing shop. With their two young sons, Lorenzo and Angelo, at their side, Amedeo and Carmelina began making fine, artisan handmade pasta on Elizabeth Street. As the years went on and their customers’ demand for homemade pasta grew, the Durante’s went on to open Durante’s Pasta on Fenwick Street in West Haven, Connecticut in the spring of 1985. Amedeo and Carmelina made the commitment to provide their wholesale and retail customers with quality handmade pasta and Italian foods. They used both their traditions from Ruviano, Italy and their knowledge and experience from Durante’s Market to create a one of a kind business.

After 3 decades of providing the community with Durante’s products, Amedeo and Carmelina’s youngest son, Angelo, is now the owner of Durante’s Pasta. Angelo has both carried on his parents’ traditions and shares in their love and passion for manufacturing handmade pasta not only because it is his career, but also because he has been making pasta with his parents since he was 4 years old. Angelo has also grown the family business to incorporate the elements of both Durante’s Pasta and his parents’ first business, Durante’s Market by hosting homemade pasta and cooking shows, catering both large and small events, participating in local farmer’s markets, and creating various Durante’s Pasta product lines such a jarred sauces, olive oils, etc. Angelo is honored and dedicated to provide his retail customers, grocery stores, and local restaurants with his superior Italian foods and pasta products for many years to come.