Where You Can Find Our Pastas:

Our Products

You can enjoy dozens of our homemade pastas in restaurants or you can buy them from our store or other retail locations to make at home!

Durante's Dry Pasta Durante's Frozen Pasta Specialty Cut Dry Pasta Durante's Specialty Products
Capellini Cheese Tortellini Cart Wheels Angel Wings
Spaghetti Tricolor Cheese Tortellini Rigatoni Taralli
Linguine Potato Gnocchi Fusilli Morzette
Fettuccini Ricotta Cavatelli Spirals Plain Sauce
Pappardelle Cheese Manicotti Gemelli Meat Sauce
Spinach Pasta Cheese Ravioli Mafalda Plain Jar Sauce
Tricolor Fettuccine Stuffed Shells Medium Shells Grated Cheese
Tomato Fettuccine Lasagna Strips Baby Shells Gift Baskets
Spinach Lasagna Elbows Cannoli Shells Lg
Spinach Manicotti Ditalini Cannoli Shells Sm
Lasagna Sheets Egg Barley Homestyle Marinara Sauce
Lobster Ravioli Egg Flakes Vodka Sauces
Spinach Ravioli Tricolor Fusilli Small Gift Basket
Porchini Mushroom Ravioli Tricolor Raditore Large Gift Basket
Stuffed Cheese Rigatoni Egg Bows
Fresh Egg Rigatoni Farfelle
Penne Rigati
Cut Ziti

Why Our Pastas Are The Best:

  • Authentic Italian Recipes
  • Delicious Homemade Pastas
  • Best Pasta in New Haven County
  • Over 30 Years in Business
  • Belly-Filling & Heart-Warming